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pachu stone

Pachu is the Marathi name for the gemstone Emerald. Emerald is an attractive and vibrant gemstone that sports a brilliant green hue. It is one among the three most essential stones, and is part of the trio that consists of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Pachu stones are popular in the jewelry industry due to their beautiful green color. Naturally occurring Pachu gems range from light green to dark green in their shades.

It’s not just the alluring green color that makes Pachu stones precious, these gems are also said to possess spiritual properties and is supposed to increase the fortune of the wearer. Emeralds are also said to possess an astounding range of divine qualities, and are said to heal and comfort the wearer. The ruling planet for Emerald is the planet Mercury. Mercury rules the intelligence quotient in people, so wearing Pachu stones is said to enhance the intelligence of a person. It helps in sharpening the mind and helps the wearer in understanding complex matters related to life, and transforms the intellect of the wearer. The presence of this exquisite stone is said to develop other qualities such as communication skills. Pachu stone enables a person to freely and lucidly express his ideas to anyone with ease. This stone also enhances creative abilities, innovative skills, artistic talents, and linguistic skills, and individuals wearing Pachu stones can immediately notice these changes manifesting in them. Ancient astrological texts say that this gemstone can even heal respiratory ailments and speech difficulties, all of which makes Pachu stone even more remarkable. A majority of the world’s most beautiful emeralds are obtained from the mines in Scotland and Zambia, from where they are polished and cut and are exported worldwide. The highest quality Pachu stones are the emeralds without any specks and those that are entirely transparent. For this reason, Pachu gems are often placed on the expensive end of the spectrum.