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opal stone

Opal is a naturally occurring gemstone. The name opal originates from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’, meaning precious stone. It is also known as ‘Opallios’ in Greek. Opal is a breathtaking stone that has the ability to display the beautiful flashes of the colors in the spectrum, as they are naturally embedded in these stones. Opals have a pearly luster, and they sparkle in various shades when placed under light. The reason for this astounding color display is the presence of significant amounts of microscopic spheres of silica in these stones. Opal is very popular in the jewelry industry because of its natural shimmery and colorful nature. Opals have been used since ages in pendants, earrings, bracelets and even watches because of this magnificent glow.

Opal is the birthstone of people born in the month of October. It is known to be a divine and healing gemstone. Opal is symbolic of hope and purity. It is deemed to have protective properties and is said to keep the wearer safe from harms. Since ancient times, wearing opal has been linked to good reputation, good luck, positive energy, high status, and a healthy body. Opal is known to be a fragile stone and is softer than most gemstones. Opal is only 5.5-6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, so they have to be handled with care. There are many varieties of opals to choose from, and these are known by different names such as matrix opal, black opal, jelly opal, Andamooka, boulder opal, fire opal, Coober Pedy, Mintabie, opal doublet, opal triplet, etc. Australia produces ninety-five percent of the world's opals and these stones are one of the greatest boons to the jewelry industry.