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Manikyam is the Malayalam term for ruby, and is a pink or blood red colored gemstone that forms a part of the coveted navaratnas, meaning the nine gems. Manikyam is a unique stone because of its beauty and vivid color saturation. It represents the Sun, which is the prominent star in our galaxy. This signifies the importance of Manikyam as it is always placed in the center, surrounded by the other eight gems, in the traditional setting of the navaratnas. Since time immemorial, ruby has had a high value in Asian countries like India and China. Manikyam is said to have mystical powers that could benefit a person physically and mentally. Ruby is the birthstone of the people born in July. As it represents love, wisdom and health, it is believed that Manikyam can improve immunity and confidence. It can also reduce problems related to eyesight and is said to help in solving relationship issues.

The quality of ruby is determined by assessing its color, cut, clarity and carat weight. It is the presence of an element named Chromium that gives ruby its beautiful red glow. The brightest shade of ruby is called blood red or pigeon blood, which is said to be the queen of rubies. The Sunrise Ruby, which is a 25.59-carat ruby that is mounted by Cartier and placed in between two heptagonal diamonds, is the world’s most expensive ruby. Ruby ranks second only to diamonds and is a 9 on Mohs scale of hardness. Ruby is a popular choice when it comes to fashion lovers, and it is no surprise that this stone is aptly called ‘the king of precious stones’.