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kempu stone

‘Kempu’ is the Telugu name for Ruby, which also known as ‘Manikyam’ in Malayalam. Kempu is a powerful and mystical stone, and is one among the nine legendary stones that comprise the ‘navaratnas’. Kempu is ruled by the Sun, and it occupies a prominent place among the navaratna gemstones. Kempu is also the second hardest gemstone after diamonds. Kempu is beautiful and is often sighted in blood red or pinkish red colors. The reddish hue in Kempu is due to the presence of an element called Chromium. As for any gemstone, the quality of Kempu is evaluated by testing the ‘four Cs’, namely color, clarity, cut and carat. Their bright hues and tones add to the worth of these stones. Kempu is also said to have numerous healing qualities. It is said to improve a person’s physical as well as mental health. It is also said to aid in the healing of low immunity, lousy eyesight, relationship problems, weight-related issues etc., thanks to its mystical powers. The Sunrise Ruby is said to be the most expensive Kempu stone in the world. In their beautiful shades of red, these stones continue to eternally mesmerize us.