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Jaipur, also known as ‘Pink City’, is very famous for its gems and colored stones. Jaipur not only amazes us with its vibrant past and culture, it has always been the go-to destination for precious stones and diamonds in India. Being the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is famous all over the world for its fine gold and silver jewelry, and is mostly considered as a pioneer in the jewelry market in India.

In ancient times, Jaipur was a city filled with skilled craftsmen who would create beautiful handcrafted jewelry for the ruling Maharajas of those times. These craftsmen, who included stonecutters and also jewelers, were experts in their craft and created exquisite ornaments especially for the royals. This tradition has survived even to this date, and has been passed down through generations. Owing to this, we may perhaps have the finest craftsmen of jewelry and gems in Jaipur today.

Centuries ago, the city of Jaipur was mainly known for manufacturing colored gemstones and was the leading creator of exquisite Meenakari jewelry. But today Jaipur has rose to prominence as the major exporter of exclusive, rare and uniquely designed gold and silver jewelry studded with precious stones. The city is today a technological hub with its advanced cutting and polishing units for stones and gems, but the demand for hand-made jewelry remains high as always.

The gemstone industry in Jaipur is a perfect blend of ethnic, contemporary and western designs. These designs are suitably modified to meet the ever-rising demands in domestic and international markets. Experts feel that the gemstone industry in Jaipur is on a growth spurt, which will greatly benefit the city’s jewelers and popularize Jaipur gems and stones. For its rich past and dedicated present, Jaipur will always remain on top when it comes to genuine and handcrafted jewelry.