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Hyderabad is the go-to destination for pearls in India. This city is quintessentially known as the ‘City of Pearls’. Hyderabad boasts of a long line of Nizams who were charmed by pearls so much that they used pearls to adorn their royal attire and jewelry. Their love for pearls attracted pearl merchants from all over the world to India, and that is how pearl trade is said to have flourished in Hyderabad. Today, Hyderabad inevitably has the most number of pearl craftsmen and probably the highest number of pearl drilling centers in the world. Hyderabad’s pearl industry is said to be one among the finest in the world and attracts a large number of tourists.

There are three main types of pearls, these are original, semi-cultured and cultured pearls. Hyderabad houses all varieties of pearl. Of this, the original variety is the most expensive. Pink and black pearls come under the original variety, and they are pricey because of their rarity. The most popular pearl variety among buyers is the ‘rice pearl’ because of its stunning metallic luster. ’Basra’ is another variety of pearl that has a brilliant color and shine unlike other pearls. These properties place Basra on the expensive end. However, the most commonly used pearl is known as ‘white pearl’. Most part of the tempting jewelry from Hyderabad tends to be made of these shiny white pearls, as the other variants can be quite hard on the pocket of the average buyer. Hyderabad is an irreplaceable name in the hearts of pearl lovers and the elite in the country can be seen wearing the most sought after rare pearls from this royal city. Pearl jewelry holds as valuable a position in Hyderabad’s culture and tradition, as Hyderabad holds in the hearts of pearl lovers.