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Gomed stone is also, known as Hessonite in English. It is a gemstone that holds a significant place in Hindu scriptures. The word Hessonite is inspired from the Greek word Hesson, meaning inferior. Hessonite is mainly found in India and Sri Lanka. The Hindi name for Hessonite is Gomed and the stone is believed to be ruled by Rahu, which is a planet considered to be the harbinger of trouble in Hindu mythology. As Rahu is known to be a maleficent planet, wearing Gomed is said to help mitigate the ill effects of this planet. It is believed that when a person wears Gomed, the negative energies created due to the Earth get neutralized in the presence of the stone.

The benefits attributed to the Hessonite stone are many. Hessonite has a long list of healing powers and this makes it a popular gemstone. When worn, the wearer can quickly improve his social and financial status as this stone helps in realigning the wearer’s aura and recreates his energy. The stone can also help the wearer with the accumulation of wealth. Students and researchers will be greatly benefitted from wearing Gomed since it improves the power of concentration and the ability to focus. Gomed can also relieve anxiety and mental illnesses and help in soothing the wearer to an extent. Gomed ring, when worn by married couples, is said to promote marital harmony and attracts bliss to the union. Another important benefit of Hessonite is that it protects the wearer from black magic and other negativities. It is believed to help relieve ailments of the body relating to infections, allergies or even heart issues. Hessonite is also ideal for public speakers as it helps them augment their aura and helps them influence large crowds. Hessonite ranges between 7 -7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it does not break easily. Gomed can endure reasonable pressure, however, it has to be managed with care as it is not exceptionally hard either. Overall, Hessonite is an effective and powerful stone that can help counterbalance the ill effects of Rahu and promote the aura of the wearer.